What is a Dongle Server?

  • SEH myUTN-80 Dongle Server

The myUTN-80 Dongle Server makes up to eight USB software license keys available via the network. You use your software as you did before without having to insert any keys, or "dongles", locally at your PC. As with locally attached dongles, only one user can access them at a time via a point-to-point connection. The software vendors' license regulations are never circumvented.


And Why Should You Get One?

SEH myUTN-80 Dongle Server provides USB Virtualization for up to 8 Dongles
USB Virtualization for up to 8 dongles

The myUTN-80 dongle server is designed especially for this task, offering many functions for simplifying the utilization of dongles and making it more secure.

Take a look at the application scenarios below to see how you could benefit from a myUTN-80 dongle server! 

Run it in a 19 inch server rack!

myUTN-80 Dongle Server with RMK1
myUTN-80 Dongle Server with RMK1

If you want to run the myUTN-80 Dongle Server in a server rack, use our rackmount kit RMK1 for easy installation of the dongleserver into 19 inch server racks!


"Where is the Dongle?" – No More Searches, No More Inquiries!

Do you always know where your dongle is? Is it just lying around somewhere unused or is a colleague using it? Who should you ask first? A search for it is frustrating and time-consuming.

The central storage of dongles with myUTN-80 dongle servers puts an end to this!

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The Right Dongles for the Right Users – With Exclusive Access!

Would you like to assign dongles to specific users with exclusive access rights via the network?

The myUTN-80 dongle server quickly and easily enables you to release dongles for specific departments, assign them to specific users exclusively, and to encrypt the respective interfaces!

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Is the Dongle Lost, Stolen, Broken? – This Need Not Happen!

Trouble with dongles again and again? Has it been stolen, lost, or broken just when you need it? Is there wear and tear because the dongle is often pulled of and re-inserted somewhere else?

The dongle server myUTN-80 has a lockable chassis and safely stores up to eight dongles.

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No USB Interface on Your PC? So What? Access Your Dongle Via the Network!

PC without USB interface? All USB interfaces occupied by other USB devices? Or do you use a virtual computer? Where does the USB dongle go then?

Well, into a myUTN-80 dongle server, of course!

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Dongles in Virtual Environments? Yes, We Can!

Is utilizing USB dongles in virtualized environments, e.g. VLAN, VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix XEN impossible?

The myUTN-80 dongle server makes it possible!

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myUTN-80 – the Security Upgrade for Your Dongles!

Utilizing dongles via the network – is that safe? Can everybody access them?

With myUTN-80 it is safe, and only selected users can access them! It offers many strong security features especially for dongle management.

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This program is geared towards all software companies which are interested in a development and marketing partnership with SEH in the areas of innovative technologies and products in the field of software copy protection mechanisms.

Learn more about the new Technology Alliance Partner Program.

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