SEH Solutions for ThinPrint

In cooperation with our partner Cortado we offer specialized printing solutions for various network environments across all business sectors. All these solutions are specially tailored for Cortados ThinPrint brand.


Bandwidth-Optimized Printing With ThinPrint Solutions from SEH

Looking for a cost-efficient way to connect printers in your ThinPrint network? ThinPrint is a software-based technology with many print management functions for network printing, among them the possibility to compress print jobs and to control bandwidth usage.

ThinPrint significantly reduces print data traffic between the application server or print server and the local printer, relieving the network. Compression rates between 55 and 98 per cent can be achieved. ThinPrint  ensures that sufficient bandwidth is available for vital applications at all times. For example, one half of the available bandwidth can be assigned for applications and the other half for printing.

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Personal Printing

If secure printing is your top priority, then Personal Printing is a simple and cost-effective solution, supporting both flexible and environmentally-friendly printing. This solution protects confidential information as the printout only starts once you authenticate yourself at the ThinPrintReader TPR-10 at the printer. Additionally, printing becomes time and location independent on the network printer of your choice; this allows you to remain flexible.

ThinPrint Personal Printing is easily integrated into any IT architecture, transforming any shared corporate printer into a personal printer with no costly investment required for additional hardware.

ThinPrint Reader TPR-10

Our new authentication device ThinPrint Reader TPR-10 is based on the Personal Printing Technology and allows a quick and easy authentication via RFID-smart-card. In this way, every printer on the network can become a Personal Printer and the print job is released only with a swipe.

The TPR-10 is manufacturer-independent and can be connected independently to every printer, because it does not affect the infrastructure of the network.

ThinPrint Personal Printing in combination with ThinPrint Reader TPR-10 allows a maximum security level in printing and is ideal for every business and its departments, which has to deal with sensitive data.

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