An appliance is a standalone device (hardware and software) which meets only one or a few special features. Appliances can be used immediately because the operating system and software are preinstalled and preconfigured. They are characterized by a simple installation as well as an easy, location-independent administration via an Internet browser. Thanks to the minimized product administration and low support costs, time and money can be saved. Another advantage is the independence from third-party products.

With regard to print spool appliances, SEH Computertechnik GmbH has developed the Intelligent Spooling Devices (ISD) for the spooling and administration of print jobs and print queues. Offloading print services from the general purpose server onto specialized print appliances increases the availability of network printing services. This results in better performance and enhanced system stability. Moreover, ISD Print Spool Appliances are very cost-effective and energy-efficient.

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