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SEH Technology UK presents its range of myUTN USB virtualisation solutions at this year's IP EXPO.


Visitors are welcome to the SEH stand G26 for information about USB virtualisation and network printing solutions. 


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Working in Virtualised Network Environments – And What About Your Dongles?

The use of dongle-protected software in virtualised environments can be very tricky or even impossible. The myUTN-80 Dongle Server allows you to use dongles in environments where they could not be utilised previously, such as server-based computing infrastructures and environments based on virtualisation with VMware, Citrix XEN, or Microsoft Hyper-V.

Learn more about the myUTN-80 Dongle Server


USB to Network – myUTN-150 USB Device Server

The myUTN-150 USB Device Server by SEH is the perfect solution for using scanners, SD cards, and USB devices professionally over the network.

In many companies the use of USB devices is prohibited for safety reasons. myUTN-150 USB Device Server allows the use of USB devices across networks without any breaches to a company's security policies or to compliance issues.

The additional features of the myUTN-150 USB Device Server provide security at the highest level for any demand!

Learn more about the myUTN-150 USB Device Server

Keep Your Scan Data Lean!

The myUTN-130 Scannerserver is ideal for using scanners in virtualised environments. The scanner server offers significant compression of the scan data, reducing the data load within the WAN/LAN.

Utilising the myUTN-130 Scannerserver enables you to optimise the available bandwidth within the network. As a result all users can efficiently access the scanner.

Learn more about the myUTN-130 Scannerserver!

Virtualise Your SD Cards!

The integrated SD card reader of the myUTN-120 SDCardserver enables you to access the content of your SD cards easily across the network.

myUTN-120 is also equipped with a USB interface to attach all kinds of USB devices. On top of all this, myUTN-120 comes with the best security standards.

Learn more about the myUTN-120 SDCardserver

Print Solutions for ThinPrint Environments

In cooperation with our partner Cortado (formerly ThinPrint) we offer specialised printing solutions for various network environments across all business sectors. All these solutions are specially tailored for Cortado's ThinPrint brand. 

ThinPrint is a software-based technology with many print management functions for network printing, among them the possibility to compress print jobs and to control bandwidth usage. The ThinPrint Gateways TPG-25 and TPG-65 optimise bandwidth usage and decompression of print jobs, ensuring application performance and reduced data transfer time. 

Learn more about the ThinPrint Gateways TPG-25 and TPG-65!

Your Print – Your Choice – Your Personal Printing

Cortado's Personal Printing and SEH's ThinPrint Reader TPR-10 offer secure printing with only a card swipe. Personal Printing is a new way of confidential printing, using contactless card technology via RFID. Furthermore, the TPR-10 is manufacturer-independent and fits smoothly into every network and printing architecture.

With Personal Printing and a ThinPrint Reader TPR-10, every network printer is turned into a Personal Printer. 

Learn more about the ThinPrint Reader TPR-10!

Print Management at its Best

SEH Intelligent Spooling Devices have one purpose: Once installed, you never have to think about print job management again. 

The ISD Intelligent Spooling Devices are SEH's network spooling solution with a strong focus on cost-saving and user-friendlyness. They provide the efficient spooling of all print jobs and the management of all available printers as print queues in any network where print job spooling is otherwise managed by central servers. On top of this, ISD appliances are extremely cost-efficient and energy-saving.

Learn more about SEH Intelligent Spooling Devices!

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