Dongle Server: Digital Forensics Software – Shared and Secure

Date: 05-30-2012 | Category: General

In the UK more and more leading digital forensic practitioners such as Digital Detective and CCL Forensics use the myUTN-80 dongle server for forensic software protected by USB hardware license keys (dongles).

Digital forensics experts recover and investigate material found in all digital devices capable of storing digital data. Technically this requires up-to-date and highly specialized software. Most of this software is copy-protected by USB dongles.

Leading UK forensic practitioners using software such as Blade, XRY, Netanalysis, HstEx, Oxygen, EnCase, Mount Image Pro or FTK have found that the myUTN-80 dongle server has much to offer them. This specialized device enables them to efficiently manage these dongles for several users while providing high security standards at the same time.

Craig Wilson of Digital Detective, a UK provider of leading digital forensic software products, explains how the myUTN-80 dongle server is applied in his business and why he would recommend it:

“One of the growth areas in digital forensics is the use of USB dongles for the licencing of software. Whilst forensic practitioners will each have licences for their everyday tools, there are an increasing number of tools which are used on an ad-hoc basis, and when these tools are expensive a laboratory will often purchase just one copy. If these tools are licenced by USB dongle, the problem arises of how best to keep this expensive piece of plastic safe, yet also available for everyone when they need it.
One solution is the myUTN-80 dongle server, allowing USB dongles to be kept securely in one location, yet made available for everyone attached to your forensic network. Here at Digital Detective, we use our myUTN-80 to hold all of our dongles, allowing us to share the use of all of our dongle licenced forensic tools. We can even get secure access to the dongle server over the Internet and regularly demonstrate this functionality when teaching our Browser Forensics courses.  The myUTN-80 has been a great assistance in our office, and in the classroom, and we would recommend its functionality to any forensics lab that needs to share USB licence dongles.”

Apart from providing a safe place for dongles where they can be accessed by several users across the network, myUTN-80 also offers encrypted transmission of data from USB devices into the network and independence of USB interfaces at work stations. The dongle server makes it easy to use USB dongles in virtualized environments (Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Hyper V), too.

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