myUTN-130: Ready to Go in 15 Minutes!

Date: 03-28-2012 | Category: Products

Our new myUTN-130 Scannerserver is already operating successfully at garmo AG, a German food producer.

Since the 1970s, garmo AG and its leading brand GAZi is Europe's largest vendor and producer of traditional, ethnic, soft cheese. The company offers a broad range of brands of different dairy specialties, such as soft cheese from cow, sheep and goat milk, yoghurt and cheese specialities. In addition to the internationally approved quality standards IFS and BRC, which ensure the consistent quality of all products, all garmo AG products fulfil all demands required of Halal products. The latest methods and technologies are used to ensure that the products fulfill the demands of Islamic norms for food production. garmo AG's products are certified by the only accredited and specialised company, Institut Halal Control e.K. garmo AG is an internationally operating company delivering its goods to more than 40 countries world-wide.

Stefan Greiner, IT director of garmo AG, already operates our myUTN-80 dongle server. Recently he also purchased our myUTN-130 Scannerserver.

"We wanted to make a scanner, which is attached to a PC, more flexibly available for several work stations in our company in a highly fail-safe way," he explains his investment in the myUTN-130 Scannerserver. The installation took place in two steps. "It took us only 15 minutes to unpack the device, assign an IP address, attach the Scannerserver to the Gigabit port of the switch, unplug the scanner from the local USB port and attach it to the Scannerserver," Greiner says.

After the initial installation the Scan-PC needed to be integrated, i.e. virtualized, into the existing VMware environment. Now the scanner is virtualized across the LAN and the PC is now operating productively in the VMware environment. "My colleage immediately called: This runs much faster!" a happy Greiner sums up the installation.

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