New: Special Fiber Adapters FC126 and FC1126

Date: 06-12-2012 | Category: Products

Fiber optic networks are known to be secure. Experts predict that in the long term, more and more companies will migrate to fiber optics. However, what is to be done in case of peripherals such as printers, which do not have the necessary interface for connecting them to a fiber optic network?

SEH now offers a solution: FC126 and FC1126 are a new type of adapters for attaching HP printers to fiber optic networks. Both FC126 and FC1126 differ significantly from traditional media converters and are special in the following ways:

First of all, the integrated adapters have been developed in close collaboration with HP and tailored exclusively for the LaserJet Enterprise M500 and M600 series.

Second, the installation of these fiber adapters are unique: FC126 and FC1126 are fixed directly on the printer. All connectors are within the printer. This prevents potential eavesdropping and the safety of the fiber optic network is maintained right up to the printer.

Third, FC126 and FC1126 do not interefere with the functions of the HP printers. All printer features are preserved - the only difference is that they are now securely integrated into a fiber optic network.

The  FC126 fiber adapter connects HP printers to 100BaseFX fiber optic networks (IEEE 802.3), the FC1126 to 1000BaseSX Gigabit fiber optic networks (IEEE 802.3).

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