Presenting SEH's take on IT news, network standards, applications, etc. with relation to our solution portfolio, the Tech?Update sections conclude most of our SEH Newsletters.

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Tech?Update: Pull Printing

Secure network printing is an issue that remains pressing as there are always confidential or business-critical data which needs to travel safely from a user's PC to the paper tray of a printer. Even if the data transfer is... [more]

Date: 11-01-2013

Tech?Update!: Mobile Printing Via the Cloud, Part 2: Google, Cortado, and Apps

In this second part of our Tech?Update! about "Mobile Printing Via The Cloud" we will deal with the different approaches used by Google and Cortado as well as many other practical apps. [more]

Date: 09-14-2012

Tech?Update!: Mobile Printing Via the Cloud, Part 1: Printer Vendor Solutions

Cloud-Computing enables mobile users to access programmes and services via the Internet, the "cloud", in the way they often like best: via their smartphones and tablet PCs. These users would also like to print via the cloud, and... [more]

Date: 08-24-2012

Tech?Update!: Digital Forensics

Digital forensics or digital forensic science is the part of forensic science which focusses on extracting, recovering and investigating objective evidence of criminal activity from all kinds of devices capable of storing digital... [more]

Date: 05-30-2012

Tech?Update: Radio-frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) has been one of the most discussed technologies, and there are many controversies regarding it. Back in the sixties RFID began to develop as a discrete technology and has spread out to many... [more]

Date: 04-24-2012

Tech?Update!: SD Card Technology

SD cards are used as storage media in many different mobile devices, e.g. for photographs in digital cameras, for the storage of music files in MP3 players, in camcorders, GPS devices, mobile and smart phones and recently also in... [more]

Date: 11-16-2011

Tech?Update!: VLAN = Virtual Local Area Network

Nowadays company networks are not only connected within a certain location, but can also be interconnected worldwide. For network infrastructures that cover very large geographic areas, VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) makes... [more]

Date: 06-09-2011

Tech?Update!: What Is A Dongle?

"Dongle" – nobody really knows where this funny word actually comes from. Is it a derivative of colloquial expressions like "whatchamacallit" e.g. "dangle"? Who invented it? [more]

Date: 08-05-2010

Tech?Update!: Printing Protocol LPD/LPR – RFC-compliant or "The Microsoft Way"

We have introduced the platform-independent printing protocol LPD/LPR in a previous Tech?Update!. It is defined in the Request for Comment (RFC) 1179 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and is an established... [more]

Date: 06-24-2010

Tech?Update!: "Driver Issue" in 64-Bit Systems

The early 64-bit versions of operating systems like Microsoft Windows were designed for server systems because servers are required to deliver high performance and need to address a lot of storage space for this. Client systems... [more]

Date: 04-26-2010
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