ISD300 Intelligent Spooling Device

The Cost-Effective Spooling Solution!

Print job spooling is one of the core tasks in a network. Inefficient spooling by means of traditional servers causes performance problems, is expensive and requires a lot of administration.

The ISD300 Puts an End to this!

The ISD300 Intelligent Spooling Device is the standard version of the ISD300 series. It connects to your network as a specialized network appliance, effectively spooling and managing all print jobs and handling all print queues - simple, cost-effective and highly available!

And it offers a large range of application scenarios!

General Features:

  • Efficient and transparent print job spooling with many management options
  • Highest availability of all print services in the network
  • Securing and boosting server performance
  • Quiet – works without a fan
  • The Latest ThinPrint .print Client (incl. ThinPrint SSL)
  • Support of Microsoft Point-and-Print
  • Support of HP UPD
  • Support of IPv4 and IPv6
  • Simple and fast back-up
  • Boots in less than 90 seconds
  • 10BaseT, 100BaseTX and 1000BaseT Ethernet
  • 3 years warranty

Installation and Management:

  • Quick, simple installation
  • Transparent management via browser
  • Automatic printer driver installation
  • Integrated DHCP and DNS-Server

Comprehensive Security Packet:

  • Access Protection
  • Encrypted Printing via IPP and SSL
  • Support of Windows Active Directory

Low Investment and Follow-Up Costs:

  • No extra hardware costs for mouse, keyborad, monitor etc.
  • No extra software costs for licences, free updates
  • Minimum maintenance, maximum system stability, and highest availability of print services
  • No specially trained staff required
  • Energy-saving: no fan, needs only 10 per cent of the energy required by a server or PC in the same place

Order Numbers

  • M03710 ISD300 (EU)
  • M03711 ISD300 (UK)
  • M03712 ISD300 (US)
  • M0120 (Rack Mount Kit RKM1 for ISD300/ISD300-PoE/ISD300-SSD) (all countries except US)
  • M0121 (Rack Mount Kit RKM1 for ISD300/ISD300-PoE/ISD300-SSD) (US)

Print Appliance Certified by ThinPrint

Contact Information

Sales, UK:

Phone: +44 (0) 1273-2346-81
Email: sales(at)seh-technology.co.uk

Sales, USA:

Phone: +1-610-933-2088
Email: sales(at)seh-technology.com

Sales, Germany:

Phone: +49 (0) 521 9 42 26 - 29
Email: sales(at)seh.de


Phone USA: +1-610-943-3226

Phone Germany: +49 (0) 521 9 42 26 - 44

Email: support(at)seh.de


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