ThinPrint Reader TPR-10

Direct, secure printing with one card swipe

With the ThinPrint Reader TPR-10, SEH offers a cost-effective and adaptable authentication hardware which can change every network printer into a Personal Printing printer, regardless of printer manufacturer or model. The TPR-10 is transparently connected between printer and network. In this way it does not interfere with the existing network infrastructure, such as output or monitoring systems. In addition, the integrated ThinPrint Client provides maximum security and efficiency in network printing. Cost-intensive investments are avoided, and you get the full advantages of ThinPrint Personal Printing.

Simply print - and fetch your print job to any network printer you like

Authentication occurs directly at the printer, by using a RFID-based Smart-Card (e.g., Mifare, Felica). With the help of this contactless card technology, you release your print job with a "card-swipe" - whenever and wherever you want.

Starter Pack for New Cortado Customers!

Would you like to find out in a safe way whether Personal Printing is the suitable solution for your company? Our TPR-10 Starter Pack is the perfect entry into Personal Printing with theThinPrint Reader TPR-10.

If you buy a TPR-10 and are a new Cortado customer, you just register the product for warranty extension and if you wish, you will get five free annual licenses.

For ordering the TPR-10 starter package, please proceed as follows:

    • Go to the website www.guarantee.seh.info and create your free user account.
    •  Register your ThinPrint TPR-10 for the free warranty extension. Simply enter the serial number and date of purchase of your TPR-10. SEH offers a free extended warranty of 5 years for every purchased ThinPrint Reader!
    •  If you want to make use of the starter package, please tick the respective field.
    •  You will then receive your Personal Printing Annual Licenses from Cortado, as well as additional information on the procedure to activate the licenses by e-mail.
    • Set up your ThinPrintReader.
    •  Start with confidential printing!

    * Free offer of Personal Printing annual licenses for 5 users is unique for end users who are new Cortado customers. Condition is the positive validation by Cortado. The term of free use of the licenses is 12 months. After this period, license fees are due. For more information about the Personal Printing licenses, see www.cortado.de. All decisions are final. Errors and omissions excepted.

    RFID Card Set and RFID Tags

    Your existing smart cards, based on the RFID-technology, can be used for Personal Printing with ThinPrint Reader TPR-10. For companies which have not yet implemented a smart card system but want to enjoy the advantages of Personal Printing now, we also offer the needed smart cards for your convienience. 

    This card set includes 20 RFID cards.

    RFID Tags Supporting MIFARE Standard

    If you don't want to implement a new card system, you can upgrade an already existing system with adhesive RFID tags based on the MIFARE standard. 

    Order Numbers TPR-10

    • M03810 (EU)
    • M03811 (UK)
    • M03812 (US)
    • M03813 (JP)
    • M03814 (AUS)

    RFID Card Reader TPR-10 Certified by Cortado


    • Easy configuration and management via the supplied TPR Control Center
    • Integrated ThinPrint client
    • Comprehensive security package: Encryption, Port-Blocking, IP-Sender-Protection, etc.
    • Backup management
    • Supports many Smart-Cards (e.g., Mifare, Felica, etc.) and their standards (e.g., ISO14443, etc.)
    • Regular software updates, technical support worldwide
    • Manufacturer independent

    For whom is the ThinPrint Reader TPR-10 suitable?

    • All companies which handle sensitive data and want maximum Personal Printing security
    • Companies and organisations which already have installed ThinPrint Personal Printing or Cortado Corporate Server or want to implement it in the future
    • All companies and organisations with a big network and/or complex infrastructure which want to avoid new acquisitions and conversions
    • And many others!

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