What is a Dongle?

A Dongle is a word most commonly used for hardlocks which protect software from being copied and unwanted distribution.

Without the required dongle many software will not function. If the software is started on the computer it checks first whether the required dongle is inserted, too. The dongle makes sure that a user can only access the purchased licenses for a certain software at a time.

As dongles are difficult to copy this is considered a safe security measure. Dongles are mostly used for expensive software and some examples include CAD/CAM software, digital audio workstation applications, prepress and printing software, and software for enterprise resource management, finances, payroll accounting etc. 

A simple way to safely store dongles and make them available and manage them via the network are the dongle servers from SEH. 

myUTN-80 Dongleserver

myUTN-800 Dongleserver

Dongleservers from SEH

  • 8/20 x USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
  • Easy dongle management
  • For Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems
  • VLAN-enabled
  • Strong security features
  • Works in virtual environments

Security Features

  • Device Access
  • Port Access Control
  • VLAN
  • Certificates
  • Authentication 
  • Encryption 

Where to Buy

SEH has a wide network of distributors and re-sellers worldwide. For a complete list of dealers and re-sellers, both European and worldwide, please visit our "where to buy" page.