The INU-100 USB Deviceserver integrates almost every non-network-ready USB device into the most diverse industrial environments with TCP/IP networks. No matter if it's a dongle, a mass storage device, cameras, or sensors—almost every USB device can be used flexibly and independent of location with the INU-100 just as your individual environment requires it. USB 3.0 assures data transmission at future-proof top speeds.

Areas of Application

  • Industrial Control Technology
  • IT technologies
  • Mobile Data Acquisition
  • Traffic Management Technology


  • Remote access to USB devices: virtual USB cable extension via the network
  • Secure point-to-point connection—just as if connected locally
  • Integration of mass storage devices into production environment TCP/IP networks, e.g. for storing sensor data or videos locally
  • Installation of sensor networks via TCP/IP linking, e.g. in industry 4.0 implementations

Industry 4.0

  • secure Connection to sensors
  • Connection to Process Control-Systems


  • Connection to 2 power supplies
  • Automatic configuration backup to microSD card
  • Notification in case of events and errors (via SNMP traps, email and relay operation)

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