ThinPrint-network and network printer

You have a ThinPrint network and want to integrate your printers—cost-efficiently and with additional benefits? Our ThinPrint® Gateway is the perfect solution!

Users send their print jobs to a ThinPrint® Gateway which decompresses, decrypts and forwards them to the printer for printing. The ThinPrint® Gateway is specifically developed for environments using ThinPrint technology by ThinPrint GmbH.

Full Support of all ThinPrint Features

Our ThinPrint® Gateway is equipped with a certified ThinPrint Client. Thus the ThinPrint® Gateway offers all basic ThinPrint functions (compression, encryption, and bandwidth management). Your network load is reduced as usual. All required printer protocols are already implemented too.

All additional ThinPrint features can be used with the ThinPrint® Gateway as well. That includes amongst other things AutoConnect (automatic printer object creation) and ThinPrint Connection Service (printing in masked networks).

Seamless Integration of Your Printers into Your ThinPrint Environment

Our ThinPrint® Gateway has been developed specifically for all network environments with implemented ThinPrint technology. Examples:    

  • Branches
  • Field offices
  • WANs with narrow bandwidth lease lines or dial-up connections
  • Server-based computing environments (Citrix XenApp® and Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services®/Terminal Services®)
  • Virtualized environments (VMware®, Citrix XenDesktop® or server virtualization)

The integration of your network printers is independent of manufacturer and model. Integration isn't restricted to certain printer manufacturers or models!

Maximum Security

The comprehensive security package offers many features which are part of security policies of many companies these days:

  • Point-to-point encryption with SSL/TLS (print data is encrypted from the work station via the ThinPrint® Gateway to the printer)
  • Authentication according to IEEE 802.1X
  • Certificate management
  • Access control
  • Failover features (Example: Saving print jobs to an optional USB flash drive if the printer is out of order. As soon as the printer is fit for service, printing continues. Your print data won't be lost!)
  • Status reports and error messages via email or SNMP

And much more!

Where to Buy

SEH has a wide network of distributors and re-sellers worldwide. For a complete list of dealers and re-sellers, both European and worldwide, please visit our "where to buy" page. 

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