Intelligent Spooling Device

At a glance

  • Compatible with all Ethernet standards incl. Gigabit (10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000BaseT)
  • Central and efficient management of all print jobs and queues in a network
  • Many print job management options: Prioritizing, deleting, halting, re-routing to alternative queues, etc.
  • Many queue management options: Setting up balance and copy queues, blocking queues, etc.
  • ISD Manager for easy management of several appliances (monitoring and management of updates, back-ups, queues, and printer drivers etc.)
  • Optional service package 


Enterprise Print Spooling Solution for up to 450 Users and 150 Output Devices!

The dedicated print appliance ISD410 Intelligent Spooling Device provides for the high availability of all printing services by taking over the complete print spooling function in a network printing environment. ISD410 is a full-blown, IPv6-enabled enterprise spooling solution with a 19 inch casing and a large set of value-added features.

Depending on the existing infrastructure ISD410 manages up to 450 users and 150 printers. On top of that, there is still enough capacity to store voluminous print jobs (e.g. large format print jobs generated with RIP software), much used forms and documents etc.

RAID System for Extra Availability

ISD410 is eqipped with two 250 GB hard disks which operate jointly as a RAID system. This ensures extra high reliability and system stability because the data is stored redundantly on a second disk. In case of failure of one of the hard disks, the other one will take over all function automatically at once.

Benefit now from a seamlessly scalable print spooling solution!

Tech Specifications

  • Automatic printer driver management (Microsoft Point-and-Print, HP UPD)
  • Windows Active Directory support
  • ISD Manager for easy management of several appliances (monitoring and management of updates, back-ups, queues, and printer drivers etc.)
  • ThinPrint .print Client, operation as ThinPrint Gateway for up to 150 network printers
  • Platform for filter applications of third-party vendors (e.g. barcode printing)
  • IPv6-enabled
  • Panel lock option
  • Password protected configurations menu
  • Support of Windows Active Directory (per user access control to printers/queues)
  • Encryption to the web using HTTPs
  • Certificates
  • Encrypted printing


Order Details

  • M03780 
  • M0126 Rackmount Kit RKM2 for ISD410 (all countries)


For our ISD410 product we offer an optional service. With the Serviceplus package we guarantee the replacement of your device in case of failure within 24 hours for up to 36 months.


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