Actualising the vision for the future networks in the modern public sector

SEH Technology’s Alan Hayward explores the growing emphasis on future public sector network services to implement digital transformation and how public sector organisations can harness network connections.

The public sector impacts every aspect of society, providing all public services in the UK.  It is crucial that this expansive sector is provided with secure network solutions due to its high demand and employment rates reaching up to 5.6 million people in March 2021. The pandemic has placed unprecedented pressure on public services, which have had to cope with increased costs, large workforce absences and the difficulties of providing services while maintaining social distancing. This has lead to the public sector making a greater use of technology as organisations were forced to develop new ways of working.

In the current climate where remote solutions are demanded sector-wide, it has become more essential than ever to securely move workloads across networks. Networks are the hardware and software that enable computers to share resources and exchange data. As the digital era enacts industry-wide change, there is a growing emphasis on future public sector network services to implement digital transformation. It is essential that the public sector adapts to network solutions in order to provide secure connectivity between it’s organisations, services and users. By harnessing network connections, the public sector will be able to break through existing connectivity limitations and mobilise workforces.

As the government retires it’s Public Services Network (PSN) due to its technology and architectural network design becoming outdated, expensive and hard to secure, it is accelerating the migration to modern network solutions. These modernised networks offer more competitive commercial terms, greater flexibility and scalability, prompting the reimagination of the future networks in the public sector.

How networks aid the public sector

When conceptualising a future vision of networks within the public sector, it is essential to consider the functional demands of this vast industry and the current role that networks play. Government, businesses and civil society are increasingly faced with complex societal problems and managing these challenges may result in lengthy processes of policy making, implementation, and public service delivery that are increasingly hard to manage. Complex processes and decision-making span the public sector across every industry. A prime example of these large-scale, high stakes processes is the organisation of integrated healthcare and social services that require close cooperation between various health, welfare, social, and housing organisations.

These difficult issues involve many organisations and individuals, which can result in chaotic processes with unexpected and unwanted outcomes. Therefore, these complex scenarios require network solutions that secure connectivity to move workloads and communications between each party, creating a seamless integrated approach to high pressure, multi-organisational projects. Read more.

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