Physical challenges in virtual worlds: Digital transformation stumbling blocks in the enterprise

Bridging the gap between the cloud and hardware-based systems is just one of the challenges businesses face when undergoing digital transformation.

Digital transformation has reached a tipping point. 94% of enterprises recognise that their investment in new technology has a tangible impact on bottom-line growth in this regard. This process brings with it an ultimatum: disrupt or be disrupted and the result is four in five businesses are looking to increase their budgets associated with digital transformation activity. Yet it’s not always that easy. There are many challenges that can’t be solved by additional IT spend alone and will instead depend on a new approach.

Virtualisation and cloud migration are prime examples. For many enterprises, this evolution is part-and-parcel of their digital transformation efforts. For others, though, certain hardware represents such an important element of their existing systems that it cannot be replicated in a virtualised environment. These businesses are therefore in a race against time to find workarounds that’ll allow them to progress, and avoid disruption, without hindering their day-to-day operations. 

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