When enterprises need a hardware bridge to their cloud-based systems to ensure business as usual

With a surprisingly large number of software vendors choosing to protect licensing with physical authentication dongles, Joachim Sturmhoefel looks at how organizations can bridge the gap between new agile cloud systems and the necessary hardware to maintain business as usual.

In an IT world that is becoming increasingly software-defined as a way to bring enterprise flexibility, it is hard to believe that traditional software vendors are among those championing hardware solutions. However, from accountancy to utilities and law enforcement, many companies around the world depend on bespoke, high-value applications that are tightly controlled with user authentication that happens on a physical rather than a virtual level. This has been the case for many years and isn’t going to change any time soon, which was fine when employees all worked under the same roof – but this is no longer the case.

With an increasingly disparate workforce, high-value but essential software that requires hardware authentication poses a problem. As a result, enterprises need to bridge the gap between the two and enable the benefits of cloud tech for businesses which use hardware authenticated software that’s at their heart of their business operations.

How is high-value software protected?

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