Differentiating on value, not cost

Joachim Sturmhoefel, Managing Director at SEH, explains how to avoid a race to the bottom on price when looking to stand out in a crowded market. 

An infrastructure headache is coming. All businesses are facing the digital transformation ultimatum of disrupt or be disrupted. Yet many are in sectors that have not traditionally had such reliance on being at the cutting edge of technology, creating both a challenge and an opportunity for the channel.

Navigating the network requirements that digital transformation depends on can be difficult, which has placed a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of resellers. They’re no longer middlemen designed to take the load off a vendor. Out of necessity, the channel has adapted to include a much stronger focus on consultancy, as it’s not enough to simply be a low-cost provider. Resellers must now also be business advisors to their customers...

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