SEH Technology Updates its USB Device Server with Isochronous Transfer Mode, Delivering Support for Streaming

Responding to high customer demand, SEH Technology fulfills the entire USB spec, enabling network operation of USB devices like video cameras and sound cards through its myUTN and industrial INU lines of USB device servers.

March 19, 2018 -- Network solutions innovator SEH Technology has responded to customer demand by updating the software of its core USB-to-network technology, enabling it to extend control of USB headsets, video cameras, high-speed check scanners and other streaming USB devices over the network. This required adding the last remaining piece of the USB specification — isochronous transfer mode — to its high-end USB device servers.

Used until now to remotely share USB devices such as external storage and measuring devices, meters or sensors, SEH's myUTN-2500 and industrial INU-100 can now be deployed to remotely access and control any standards-compliant USB device, including streaming devices. In providing physical USB ports, they also make it possible to operate such devices through virtual machines running on VMware, XenServer or other virtualization platforms.

In adding this feature, SEH opens its market to a completely new customer base, according to Jörg Hecke, Product Marketing Manager at SEH. He expects it to appeal particularly to integrators in the security and A/V spaces and to those seeking the cost savings of virtualization and cloud migration in testing, measuring and development environments.

The new firmware version 14.5.5 and SEH UTN Manager 3.1.7, with isochronous transfer added, are now available for free download on www.seh-technology.com.

About SEH USB Device Servers: USB device servers take the USB transmission signal of an end device and send it over IP to any computer in the company or on the network, just as if that device were directly connected over a typical five-foot cable. In so doing, they enable expensive hardware resources — such as USB dongles or any other USB device — to be accessed by multiple users taking turns from multiple locations, and by virtual machines.

About Isochronous Transfer Mode: Isochronous transfer mode transfers USB data packets at a constant minimum rate of speed, necessary for the jitter-free transmission of sound or video. With this addition, SEH makes it possible to extend remote operation of such devices as non-networked USB video cameras, to take a use case common in security applications.

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