Our motto "Smart Network Solutions" underlines our aim to provide innovative, value-added solutions for our customers which are user-friendly easy to handle, save time and money, and come with the latest standards for security, speed, efficiency etc. in network technology.

  • myUTN-150 USB Device Server by SEH

myUTN USB Device Servers

Our myUTN USB device servers enable you to access your USB devices simply via the network – flexibly, location-indepent, remotely, and safely! USB virtualization via myUTN devices makes them available to several users, or they can be accessed via an exclusive and safe point-to-point connection. This product line includes special solutions for software dongles, scanners and SD cards.

SEH ISD400 Print Spool Appliance

Network Printing Solutions

For more than 20 years we specialize in the development of high-end network printing solutions. These include scalable print spooling solutions, the analysis tool SEH Analytics for status capture, monitoring utilization and costs, etc., and special integrated adapters for attaching HP printers to fiber optic networks. Last but not least, there is our broad portfolio of high-end print servers for all networks and interfaces.

SEH ThinPrint Reader TPR-10

Solutions for ThinPrint Environments

ThinPrint by Cortado is a mature print management software solution. In close cooperation with Cortado we have developed complementary hardware solutions for optimizing ThinPrint installations: ThinPrint Gateways for attaching printers to ThinPrint environments and the authentication device ThinPrint Reader TPR-10 for ThinPrint Personal Printing.

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