A Look Back at 2016

Personal Contact Pokes at the Anonymity of Modern Media


SEH continues to rely on the success of personal contact with customers. 

For years we have heard through the media that large fairs are becoming less and less in demand. There is constant talk that the number of attendees is decreasing and that companies are no longer willing to invest time and money in events at home and abroad. 

We, however, have an opposing view. Whereas the word opposing would only be fitting if the attractiveness of fairs and events really was decreasing. In the computer peripherals segment, we from SEH have relied for years now on personal contact with customers and suppliers. Taking a look back now at 2016, we are more than satisfied with the outcome, even though the industry continues to talk about stagnation and decrease in sales and thus developmental opportunities. 

Know what's important

The SEH sales team met with business contacts at seven of the industry's most important events last year. This again proved how important communication on a personal level is for customer relationship management. Although we were not present at all events, we were represented at the most important ones. From CeBit in Hannover, to house events from ALSO in Bochum, Systeam in Bamberg and CPN in Hamburg. Of course international events were also a must including Japan IT Week in Tokyo, Partner Event in Moskow and the IP Expo in London. All these events allowed for the opportunity to reach out to business partners face-to-face. 

It is to be observed that even in these modern times of internet and mobile messaging, event attendees are always happy to meet with business partners face-to-face, "Although modern media has greatly influenced ways of communication, it has also increased the need for personal dialogue" says Joachim Sturmhoefel, speaker for the Board of Directors at SEH. "We know a lead can be tediously generated per phone or e-mail. However, business relationships are built on trust and trust develops through a variety of characteristics and peculiartities. To develop this via electronic mechanisms is rather difficult or even impossible."

In order to maintain our long built business relationships and create new ones, we invest in the yearly attendance and participation in a variety of events. 

We have many events planned in 2017, including CeBIT

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