Bandwidth-Optimized Printing With ThinPrint Solutions from SEH

ThinPrint is a software-based technology focused on print management functions for network printing:

  • Print job compression (compression rates between 55 and 98 per cent)
  • Control of bandwidth usage to ensure sufficient
  • bandwidth for vital applications at all times
  • Reduction of print data traffic between application/print server and the local printer
  • ThinPrint SSL encryption for safe print data transmission
  • And more!

Typical ThinPrint Applications are:

  • Workgroups
  • Branch offices and outlets
  • WANs with narrow bandwidth lease lines or dial connections
  • Server-based computing environments (Citrix Presentation Server, Windows Terminal Services)
  • Environments with desktop virtualization (VMware, Citrix)
  • Hosted desktops

SEH Solutions for ThinPrint Installations

We offer solutions for ThinPrint installations which support ThinPrint features:

  • ThinPrint Client
  • ThinPrint SSL support
  • ThinPrint AutoConnect
  • ThinPrint Connection Services

Our product lines with ThinPrint features:

All SEH Print Servers

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