Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program

The Security Alliance for Software Vendors

As a software vendor, you want to ensure the license security of your products and at the same time provide your customers with the most convenient access to your products possible, regardless of the environment. SEH has the optimal solution to reconcile these two requirements!

License and copy protection are necessary business components of software solutions. But how do you ensure that your Dongle Protection works reliably on the infinite number of hardware, terminals and cloud scenarios? SEH's Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program has the answer to this question! With our TAP program we offer you our expertise as a reliable manufacturer of device and dongle servers, a compatibility check of the hardware and professional support for developers and end customers. Together with our partners, we make sure that every new version of your software license dongles works perfectly in all conceivable environments.

Trust is good, tested software is better

We offer each Technology Alliance Partner a professional, established network solution for their customers. Specifically, our program includes tested and recommended hardware as well as professional support. Of course, our systems are Citrix and VMware certified too. To use the USB dongle server, your users do not have to make any adjustments to their software applications - even when it comes to virtualization.

Mobile device usage is also supported! This means that all previous dongles can remain in the company for software use on mobile devices. Access via VPN connection is guaranteed - even on mobile devices where the VPN connection is established via WLAN, 3G or LTE. This makes the use of software in the company flexible. As the software vendor you may even assign a limited-time test access conveniently via a link: the dongle remains in your company.

More than just a technology partnership:

Our Marketing Support

As a partner you will receive marketing support from us through regular communication about the TAP program in newsletters, press releases and user reports describing the practical usage scenarios. This brings the partner companies in interaction and conversation with their customers about and ensures joint success for all parties involved. To get a better idea of some companies who are already part of our TAP program and successfully using our dongle servers (e.g. forensics and CAD programs) see here!

Are you interested? Then become a Technology Alliance Partner now!

We look forward to your participation in our “Technology Alliance Partner” program. Do you have any questions or concerns? Frederik Hennig looks forward to your email (f.hennig(at) and can be reached by phone at +49 (0) 521-94226-22.

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