Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Procedure of SEH Computertechnik GmbH

These RMA regulations (Return Materials Authorization) determine the procedure to be followed when returning defective products. The aim of these regulations is to ensure fast and simple handling of the returned products. To help us achieve this, please follow the steps outlined below:

To clarify whether there really is a defect, please consult our support team first to arrange the terms of sending the product back to us. In this way we are able to avoid unnecessary costs on both sides.

From May 1st, 2010, on we will charge a handling fee of 48 Euro (excluding VAT) and shipping costs for every product which is returned to us within its warranty period but which is not defective.

Contact details:

Phone: +49 521 94226 44
Fax: +49 521 94226 96
Email: support(at)

For defective products we offer a simple and straightforward replacement service. To use this service, please return any defective products directly to our RMA Department:

SEH Computertechnik GmbH
Reparaturabteilung/RMA Department
Suedring 11
33647 Bielefeld
Tel.: +49 (0)521 94226 0
Fax: +49 (0)521 94226 99
E-Mail: rma(at)

When returning a product please use the original SEH product package. Please retain the original product package. When returning an ISD please use the original product package plus the original SEH shipment carton. This carton has been specifically designed for shipment of the ISD, and provides the best possible protection from potential shipment damage.

Please note that SEH reserves the right to limit the services resulting from its manufacturer’s warranty should another shipment carton be used. Insufficient shipment cartons may result in (partially) voiding the warranty.

As soon as the product has been delivered to SEH, the returned product will be assigned a RMA number. This RMA number will be used as a reference for the immediate replacement of the defective product.

Please make sure you also provide a copy of the invoice of the defective product to prove that the product is still under warranty or manufacturer guarantee. If all necessary documents are provided, the replacement unit will generally be shipped immediately. In the event of questions or problems whatsoever, our RMA department will get in touch with you.

In urgent cases, customers can also request to be sent an advance replacement unit. Please contact our Support Department.

Additional provisions relating to our extended manufacturer's warranty:
The proof of warranty is based on the original invoice.

Regulations relating to products not covered by warranty or manufacturer's warranty:
As regards to the repair or replacement of products neither covered by warranty, nor by our additional manufacturer's guarantee, the customer will receive a binding cost estimate. This cost estimate must be signed by the customer and returned to SEH before replacement or, if applicable, repair can occur.

Should you have any questions relating to these RMA regulations, our RMA Department will be happy to assist you.

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