Channel: We Melt Down The Price Of Our Bestseller!

Until the end of February our distribution partners and dealers in certain countries benefit from our winter special promotion: Get our myUTN-80 Dongle Server at a special price!

myUTN-80 Dongle Server provides up to eight USB hardware keys (dongles) across the network – simply and safely from a central location! Your customers will always know where their expensive dongles are, and users will no longer have to handle and exchange expensive license dongles. Dongle Server gets them out of the work area and into the server closet, safe and secure. This is ideal for VMware, Citrix XEN, or Microsoft Hyper-V as there is often a local shortage of USB interfaces.

Valuable software licence dongles (CAD- and RIP software, Aladdin HASP, and many more) are protected from loss, theft, and damage in the lockable case. With the matching rack mount kit (optional) the dongle server finds a safe home in the server room and is managed comfortably independent of location via its web interface.

Until the end of February we offer our myUTN-80 Dongle Server at a special price! As February is short, you might best place your order quickly!

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