Due to high demand SEH upgrades its flagship products myUTN-2500 and INU-100

Software Update: Isochronous mode for SEH device servers now enables USB webcams and sound cards over network.

With the latest software update, SEH devices servers can now really do everything over the network. The products myUTN-2500 and INU-100 are now available with isochronous mode. This mode is used to transmit continuous data streams, which typically include audio or video data. This allows users to operate USB devices such as cameras, microphones, speakers or headsets in addition to standard USB devices such as dongles, external storage and measuring devices, meters or sensors.

To operate and control USB devices from remote locations on the network, a device server is usually required. This "converts" a transmission signal so that it is sent from the USB device via network transmission to any computer in the company. There, the signals are treated as if the device were connected directly to the PC or terminal. Such USB device servers via network have the advantage that not every computer needs to have its own USB device to be connected. For the trouble-free operation of USB webcams and sound cards isochronism is necessary, i.e. the transmission of data at minimum speed or in fixed two-bit intervals without delay or deviation (jitter). Until now, the two USB device servers myUTN-2500 and the industrial solution INU-100 were not designed for this purpose. SEH now provides this feature via updated software for the two models mentioned above.

"The demand for this feature was so high that we have now integrated an isochronous operating mode for our two flagships," explains Jörg Hecke, Product Manager at SEH. "In addition, we are addressing a completely new customer base who was previously unable to use our USB device servers."

The new software version 14.5.5 and SEH UTN Manager 3.1.4 are now available for free download. 

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