Hero of the Month - myUTN-2500 USB Deviceserver

Our Hero of the Month: high performance USB Deviceserver myUTN-2500.

Why? Because it connects USB devices to the network - easily, safely and securely! 




• Flexible and location-independent usage of USB devices in the network

• High performance device with 3 x USB 3.0 Super Speed Ports

• USB port 3 as charging port (e.g. for mobile devices)

• Fastest transmission of USB data from the USB device to client - up to 100 MB/s*

• Enterprise security on both hardware and software levels

• Ideal for virtualized environments (Citrix Xen, VMWare oder HyperV)

• 36 months of guarantee (upgradable to 60 months) for free

• Free software updates, technical support wordwide


*Access from 1 USB device: up to 100 MB/s; Access from 3 USB devices: up to 30 MB/s per port.

Where to Buy

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