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Dongle Management: SEH Offers Optimal Business Solution

Now available with 20 USB ports, the new dongle server from SEH is expanding the scope of dongle management. With the increase from 8 to 20 ports, the network professionals from Bielefeld are allowing for simpler and more efficient dongle management for larger user groups. The myUTN-800 Dongleserver is especially suitable for data centers, cloud service providers and educational institutions with variable software pools.

The myUTN-800 Dongleserver offers 20 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ports that allow up to 20 dongle-protected software licenses to be accessed centrally and securely over a network. With this solution SEH ensures simple, comfortable and efficient license allocation for users and administrators. Simultaneously, the dongles are protected from loss, damage, wear and tear, and theft which is especially important since the software licenses tend to be rather expensive. Furthermore, this guarantees that the dongles will always be available to the users. 

To access the program the user simply needs to connect to the dongle using the UTN manager (available for both Windows and OS X) and then use the software locally as needed. Once the user has finished with the software and the connection to the dongle is deactivated, the dongle is free to be used by another colleague without having to plug the dongle in and out from one computer to another.

The now available business solution with 20 USB ports increases the efficiency in dongle management for larger user groups. Operating in a server room demands resilience and constant availability of all components. The myUTN-800 Dongleserver fulfills these demands with redundant power supplies and 2 gigabit network connectors. Additionally, the configuration can be backed up to an SD card and transferred quickly to another myUTN-800 Dongleserver in case the hardware needs to be replaced. To guarantee this functionality SEH offers a service package which includes advanced hardware replacement in case a hardware defect. Additionally included in the service package is a manufacturer warranty extension from 36 to a total of 60 months. 

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