primos: iOS printing solution celebrates debut at IP Expo

Secure iPad and iPhone printing solution now available in the UK

SEH Technology UK Ltd. presented its primos all-in-one printing solution at the IP Expo exhibition in Manchester for the first time to the British professional public and received a highly enthusiastic response. The innovative primos hardware gives iOS users an easy and secure way of printing to corporate networks, supporting up to ten printers and an unlimited number of iOS devices connected to one primos box. The hardware is now available for sale from specialist retailers. 

“The first presentations at the exhibition were met with an overwhelming response from visitors,” said Alan Hayward, Sales & Marketing Manager at SEH Technology UK Ltd, adding that the enthusiastic reaction confirmed the need for the new product from SEH in closing a major gap in the market for business printing solutions. Devices based on the iOS platform have become widespread in business, but possibilities for integrating these devices into corporate IT environments have been seriously lagging behind.

Secure mobile printing is a prime example – printing documents from an iPad or iPhone to a corporate network involves costly, time-consuming adjustments in the company’s internal network. “User friendliness is still lacking in addition to all of the remaining limitations,” said Hayward.

The all-in-one solution, primos, was designed for application in corporate environments, and makes it possible to print any common document, image or graphic format quickly and intuitively. The type and make of printer is as immaterial to the technology as is the question of AirPrint support. No new software or apps need to be installed, and no new investments need to be made in costly hardware and print servers.

“Data security took high priority in developing primos – the system doesn’t use any cloud services unlike the few competing solutions on the market,” said Haywood; primos takes a different approach – a print job never leaves the corporate network, and will only ever be processed locally. Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) adds an additional layer of security.  

Implementing the system is strikingly simple – the primos hardware comes in the form of a handy, compact box measuring 108 x 108 x 33 mm, and only needs a physical connection to the corporate network. An intuitive GUI makes system administration and maintenance easy, including user (group) management, network printer management, printer drivers and authorisation. The primos system supports services such as Microsoft Active Directory, Linux Open LDAP and Apple Open Directory.

primos is now available for the first time for £179 RRP from specialist retailers across the UK. One primos supports up to ten printers and an unlimited number of registered iOS users within the corporate network.

For further details, see http://primos.seh-technology.com/.

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