SEH Technology launches new USB Device Server for improved flexibility and security when working remotely

Increasing demands for remote working solutions continue to produce huge challenges for businesses across all industries. Businesses need to provide employees with tools to remain productive at home, whilst identifying ways to digitally transform its business. To fulfill these market demands and adapt to new working conditions, SEH Technology has introduced the new utnserver Pro with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed, enabling users to access USB devices across the business network.

Perfect solution for remote access

SEH replaces the myUTN-50a USB Device Server, with the utnserver Pro to bring unrivalled functions for using USB devices easily across the network. This creates a virtual and flexible USB cable extension via the network, that is location-independent and independent of USB cable lengths.

Ideal for remote working, the utnserver Pro offers users the option of not only using the obligatory external hard drives or dongles, card readers or barcode scanners, measuring devices or printers, but also particularly throughput-hungry RDX backup systems via the network right through to the home office. This means that employees can easily and quickly access resources from home, in order to complete their tasks as effectively and efficiently as they would in the office environment.

User friendly benefits

The new Device Server is a “plug and play solution”, meaning as soon as it is attached to the network, users can manage all USB devices remotely. It’s modern design means that connections can be made on the rear side of the product, with LED status displays on the front side, ensuring that it’s trouble-free to store and access in all remote working office environments.

Core to the utnserver Pro is the utnserver Control Center and SEH Product Manager. These tools allow users to access and use all of the USB devices by establishing a connection to the USB Device Server. Suitable for Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, it’s simple to set-up, configure and manage the solution in the long term.

Improved security

With many employees accessing the network from home, there are emerging opportunities for cybercriminals to breach the network, track internet traffic and potentially collect confidential data. With the utnserver Pro, businesses can be confident that its data is protected with an exclusive point-to-point connection, password protection, user list and SSL 3.0 encryption. Users can also set up authentication and notification functionalities to further minimise the risk of attacks or data breaches.

 For more information, please visit the utnserver Pro product page.

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