Security for software vendors and customers even in virtualized environments

Whether mobile or virtual - SEH Computertechnik GmbH Technology Alliance partner program guarantees that dongle-protected software runs securely. 

Business software today must run in the most versatile application scenarios possible: The number of end devices is increasing, and cloud and virtualization environments are also being used more frequently. This poses a challenge for software vendors who protect their license compliance with dongles: They must ensure that license protection works in all conceivable scenarios and that the software remains functional. The Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAP) at SEH Computertechnik GmbH is aimed at this. With TAP, SEH as manufacturer of device and dongle servers offers software vendors a compatibility check of the hardware and professional support for developers and end customers. Together, the partners in the TAP program ensure that the license dongles also function perfectly with every new version of a software in all conceivable environments.

Within the TAP framework, SEH and its partners work closely together in the development and marketing of innovative technologies and products in the area of software copy protection mechanisms. "We offer our partners a highly professional, established network solution for their customers," explains Frederik Hennig, Key Account Manager at SEH. "In other words, the solution includes tested and recommended hardware as well as professional support. Of course, our systems are Citrix and VMware certified. To use the USB dongle server, users don't have to make any adjustments to their software applications - even when it comes to virtualization."

Dongle-protected software also on mobile devices

SEH Computertechnik GmbH also ensures that all previous dongles can remain in the company for software use on mobile devices and can be accessed via VPN connections. This even works on mobile devices where the connection is established via WLAN, 3G or LTE. This not only makes the use of the dongle in the customer's company more flexible, the software manufacturer can also act according to requirements. For example, a test position can be assigned, whereby the dongle remains with the manufacturer and the user is enabled to use it for a limited period of time via a link.

SEH offers its partners marketing support through regular communication about the technology partner program in press releases and user reports describing the practical use of the solutions. This brings the partner companies in interaction with the SEH solution and into conversation with existing customers which ensures joint success in the market. Partner software solutions that have already been successfully tested, e.g. from forensics and CAD programs with USB dongle servers from SEH, can be viewed here: https://www.seh-technology.com/de/service/tap/unsere-partner.html

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