SEH welcomes CardContact to TAP Program!

We are pleased to announce our newest TAP partner CardContact. As a system architect, CardContact supports clients implementing large scale smart card and PKI systems. 

Strong encryption and authentication mechanisms require secure key storage and reliable key management. With twenty years of expertise as system architect designing large eID and PKI systems CardContact now introduced a product inspired by customer needs and experiences gained in practice for use in practice.

If only saved in files, cryptographic keys can hardly be secured from misuse. Files – and contained keys - can be copied, passwords cracked.

The SmartCard-HSM however offers efficient protection against abuse by the creation, administration and usage of the key only in a hardware security module. The link to this security module uniquely prevents unauthorized copies or usage of the keys. Being only a small chip card, MicroSD card or USB-Token the SmartCard-HSM is a handy portable solution. Enabling not only the use in computer systems but also offering employees a personal key storage for various applications.

An extensive collection of tools for integration as well as tailor made offerings complete the full service of CardContact.

The myUTN-80 Dongleserver is the perfect answer to the question of how to use the SmartCard-HSM in virtual machines. We look forward to working with CardContact. Be sure to check out their Blog Building a SmartCard-HSM Cluster.

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