Now even faster access to USB devices via network

800 Mbit/s – SEH gives myUTN-2500 device server a performance boost

SEH Computertechnik GmbH gives a powerful performance boost to its latest USB device server myUTN-2500 – now available via software update. The maximum data transfer rate for a connected USB device has increased from 65 MB/s to a maximum of 100 MB/s. If all three SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 ports are in use, the maximum data transfer rate is 30 MB/s per port. This ensures that the transfer rate in a gigabit network is fully exploited. Windows, OS X / macOS and Linux systems are all supported.

The USB device server myUTN-2500 provides 900 mA of current on each of the three USB interfaces. For example, the connection can be used for external 2.5-inch hard disks without its own power supply. In addition, the third USB interface corresponds to the Charging downstream port (CDP) standard with at least 1.5 Amp output power, so that it can be used as a charging port for mobile phones or similar devices. For example, iPhone, iPad or Android devices can be easily charged via the USB port.

Technological development and universal design

This new technology reflects current standards of embedded systems, thus providing a secure basis for future developments. "Our main focus in the conceptualization of the myUTN-2500 was on the particularly fast data transmission and, of course, on the timeless design of the device", explains Jörg Hecke, Product Marketing Manager at SEH. "With the increase in performance, our USB Deviceserver adapts to the needs of the enterprise, where fast data transfer between the client and the USB device is very important. We therefore define our products using the motto "High Performance USB Deviceserver". "

Download the new Firmware version 14.1.11 (myUTN-2500) and 14.4.10 (all other device and dongle servers) and our SEH UTN Manager 3.0.31 for free from our website.

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