SEH Launches USB Hub IH-304 for Industrial Use

4 x USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports on top hat rail

The IH-304 is a USB hub by SEH made for use in industrial environments. The device offers 4 additional USB ports to connect e.g. sensors or measuring devices used in automation. The device also has potential in manufacturing where analyzers and cameras are used or in process controlling to connect peripheral devices. It can also be used as a USB charging device with 1,5 amperes per port and has a selectable and redundant power supply from 12 to 48 volt. 

"Especially in industrial environments, space-saving, failsafe and, above all, durable components are important," says Jörg Hecke, Product Marketing Manager at SEH. "The robust IH-304 fulfills these requirements. The IH-304 extends a USB port of an industrial PC by 4 USB slots. The future-proof USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ​​ports guarantee the highest data transfer rates. In addition, the USB ports can be used to charge USB devices. "

The installation by DIN rail allows for fully compatible integration into any switch or server cabinets. The IH-304 is a standard hub which is not only natively compatible with almost any operating system, but thanks to plug & play it can also be easily and quickly started in any operation. An overvoltage protection for all connected USB devices reliably prevents high voltage peaks, for example due to defective power supplies.

Further application scenarios are conceivable by combining other devices from the SEH portfolio: "Anyone who uses our USB device server INU-100 in the industrial environment only has to gain with our new product. Each INU-100 port can be used multiple times by using the IH-304 hub, so that the device connection options can be scaled up even further," says Jörg Hecke.

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