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SEH Technology launches new dongle servers

For virtualisation and outsourcing in the digital age

Advancing digitalisation continues to produce huge challenges for businesses across all industries. Businesses want to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive. System houses, data centers, consultants, and vendors demand solutions which can handle the increased data volume. To fulfill these market demands and adapt to new working conditions, SEH Technology has introduced its next generation dongle servers with USB 3.0. With its extensive capabilities, the next generation dongle servers will satisfy customer demands for increased performance and functional product design.

Flexible chassis channels data streams in data centers

SEH replaces both models of the USB Dongleserver family with brand-new versions: the dongleserver Pro replaces the myUTN-80 while the dongleserver ProMAX fills the shoes of the myUTN-800.


The updated hardware combines the best of the previous generation with innovative improvements, which have been identified in detailed customer interviews as well as market analyses. Leading dongle manufacturers have pushed the first USB 3.0 dongles onto the market. Thus in order to fulfill customer requests and be future-proof, the new SEH models feature USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. Completely new CPUs assure that this standard can be used to the fullest potential, meaning USB 3.0 dongles with integrated storage can now be embedded perfectly.

The RJ-45 network connectors have been moved to the back, to ensure installation in office environments as well as in data centers is much easier. This design change assures that the new dongle servers fit perfectly into rack wiring management and changes are no longer required. The new rack mount kit allows for optimal installation of the dongle server Pro into a rack and its “push to open” technology provides easy access for regular handling and maintenance. The dongleserver ProMAX can also be installed into a rack immediately and extended with the RMK3 for ultimate usability.

Low-maintenance bodyguard for maximum security

The entire USB communication between client and dongle servers can now be encrypted. Whereas before only payload was encrypted, control and protocol data are now protected from illegal access as well. In addition, it is easier to configure the encryption—previously it had to be activated for each port individually, now it's one click. The USB port key feature has also been redesigned. Formerly, only one key could be assigned to a port and then had to be entered in order to unlock the port and use the connected USB dongle. Now not only two keys can be assigned to one USB port, but each key also supports a time slot. This feature accommodates mainly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers who use them to provide automated time restricted access to dongle-based applications such as demo versions or accounting software.


Increased control with monitoring and logging

Monitoring and logging are essential for centralised management and secure supervision in server and data centers. Therefore, the new monitoring and logging features can trace all dongle server activity, automatically and with a timestamp. For example, the connection or removal of a dongle can be verified as a logged event, in addition to new system error warning. (De)activation and changes to the configuration setup are recorded as well, alongside the SD card status. The logged data are stored locally on the dongle servers and they can be sent to a syslog-ng and/or WebDAV server.

New hardware with a single software package


The next generation solution from SEH will also boast one single software. The frustrating separation into firm and software is a thing of the past, meaning  updating the new dongle servers will be easy.

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