SEH's Serial-to-USB Converter Taps Industrial Device Data With Plug-and-Play Simplicity

SEH Technology's SU-302, a flexible hardware solution to protocol conversion, rids Industrial IoT of the need for loading drivers, configuring COM ports — or on-premise IPCs altogether.

Phoenixville, PA, November 29, 2017  SEH Technology Inc. the U.S. subsidiary of SEH Computertechnik GmbH, a Germany-based network solutions innovator announces the North American release of the SU-302, a serial-to-USB converter that lowers the cost and complexity of applying networked intelligence and control to industrial environments.

While PCs — with much faster replacement cycles —have moved on to USB connectivity, industrial devices still largely use serial interfaces. Previous serial-to-USB converters have suffered from lack of driver availability for a given OS. The SU-302 guarantees driver availability for Windows and Linux. Combined with SEH's INU-100 USB device server, it  converts signaling all the way from serial device to Ethernet network.  Conversely, those who've deployed the INU-100 to bring USB devices onto the LAN or WAN now have a safe and reliable way,  via the SU-302, to network serial devices as well.

As more data analysis, automation, and optimization are brought to bear on industrial operations, they have required more and better access to networked compute power, data visualization, notification and storage. Serial-to-USB and Serial-to-Ethernet converters serve this need by enabling serial devices to become network devices, monitored and controlled from PCs on site or anywhere on a TCP/IP network, including the Internet.

Plug-and-play serial connectivity

In addition to lacking drivers, previous serial-to-USB converters have introduced complexity to this connectivity by requiring client applications to be configured with COM port properties such as baud rate, stop bit, and parity. This task is multiplied for virtual COM ports, in cases where one industrial PC (IPC) communicates with many serial devices across a network. With its imbedded FTDI chip, the SU-302 replaces these challenges with plug-and-play installation. The converter also delivers immunity to electrical interference.

The SU-302 has one USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface and two serial: RS-232 and RS-485 (EIA-485), compatible with RS-422 (EIA-422) . Used alone, it transfers data between a serial device and a local or industrial PC. Used in combination with SEH's recently announced INU-100 industrial USB device server, it extends one-to-one serial connectivity further, to the unlimited reach of an IP network. And through the INU-100's UTN Manager software, that serial device connection can be shared sequentially with multiple networked users. 

In one example of an IoT use case, the SU-302 / INU-100 combination can extract serial data from sensors at many sites and send it to the cloud for aggregated analysis. Receiving commands from a networked PC, the converter/device server combination can enable control and/or automation of a whole network of actuators. With advanced encryption, the INU-100 satisfies the security demands of industrial and corporate networks. 

Like the companion USB device server, the SU-302 converter is installed via top hat rail, suiting it for control cabinets and server racks. It works with local and embedded industrial PCs. When paired with the INU-100, it can work with PCs located far from a harsh industrial environment. "Putting walls — or floors — or miles — between the industrial site and the application computer not only eliminates on-site maintenance and administration," says Mike Majewski, President, SEH Technology, Inc. "It saves power consumption and hardware. Last but certainly not least, it removes a broad attack surface from the industrial network edge." 

The converter comes with free updates and US customer support for up to five years. Competitively priced, it is available now from SEH Technology, Inc. 

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