The newly introduced utnserver ProMAX from network specialist SEH Technology represents a fresh and new design within the company’s USB device server…

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Alan Hayward, sales and marketing manager at SEH Technology, explores how modern network infrastructures are opening up opportunities for healthcare…

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The need for robust data encryption is not subsiding anytime soon and this challenge will only increase with the emergence of quantum computing over…

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Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) digitally transforms machining. Although it’s a significant stride forward in automating processes, it still…

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After an extensive test series in cooperation with internal users and customers, SEH Technology has now officially released version 3.4.3 of its…

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The data centre services market has been growing at an exponential rate, with many predicting that the market will be valued at $105.6 billion by…

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The finance industry is undergoing a radical shift, driven by changing business models, mounting compliance pressures, disruptive technologies and new…

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SEH products and SEH software tools (SEH UTN Manager and SEH Product Manager) are not affected

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With most businesses adopting hybrid working models in the wake of COVID-19, some employees are splitting their time between working at the office and…

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Version 10 was supposed to be the end: Windows 11 was a rumor among fans for a long time and yet - yesterday, October 5th, the final version of the…

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