For over 20 years CAB+S GmbH form Sankt Georgen im Schwarzwald, Germany, has been an active part in the furniture industry. From manufacturing to retail sales and in everyday operations regarding price calculation.

ScanPrix is the low-cost link between manufacturer prices and individual retail prices. Manufacturers are able to input their prices into ScanPrix and then purchasers and retailers can use ScanPrix to create their individual prices. If the manufacturer delivers the price lists directly in ScanPrix then the retailers and purchasers do not have much left to do. All purchasers use the advantages of ScanPrix in order to make each manufacturer price list available via the Intranet. Furniture retailers can then use these price lists and calculate their own prices. Currently 100 furniture manufacturers use ScanPrix to make their price lists available to purchasers and retailers.

ScanPrix is the first calculations software of its kind in the furniture industry. ScanPrix is a dongle protected software and has been successfully tried and tested with SEH myUTN-80 Dongleserver.  

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