The art of engineering is based on teamwork, so casim makes a point of working closely with the customer and treating him as a partner. The same applies within the company: within casim, too, there is cross-disciplinary cooperation between our experts from all the various departments in the interests of our common objectives.

casim is firmly committed to the continuous advanced training of all its employees, in the knowledge that the quality of our work is a result of the sum of the achievements of all the engineers and other employees involved. It also goes without saying that all workstations are equipped with the very latest hardware and software.

It is not just the technical equipment and engineering know-how that set casim apart, but above all the personal commitment of each and every employee, which is able to flourish in an environment of personal responsibility, empowerment and high motivation. Our common ambition is always to find the most efficient solution for each customer’s individual requirements.

From its three offices in Kassel, Ingolstadt and Graz, casim can provide its customers with design, development and simulation services, as well as offering employee training. All our services are designed with optimised and forward-looking products and processes in mind, products that stay a step ahead of the competition and fulfil our customers’ requirements in every respect.

simtol® by casim

simtol® helps with the allocation and interpretation of tolerances for both individual parts and assemblies. The ease of use of simtol® enables you to carry out reliable and fast arithmetic and statistical calculations of tolerances.

With the help of simtol®, every developer or designer is capable of performing rapid and trustworthy statistical tolerance analyses. The comprehensive results make it possible to identify potential risks and opportunities for optimization at an early stage of development. This provides extensive possibilities for cost reduction – not only in the development stage but also in the tooling stage and in production itself.

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