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IBS Döbeln  has been developing and supporting software for electrical engineers for 21 years. The company offers consulting and training that fulfills the needs of its customers.

LVZ for ElectricCAD is IBS Döbeln's complete electrical engineering application. The program offers planning and designing for electrical installations, including schematics and technical calculations.

The software works as an add-on application for Bricscad™ as well as for AutoCAD®. The product offers a complete solution. It makes technical calculations, draws installations, automatic schemes for KNX, fire protection, burglar alarm systems, wire diagrams, illumination lists and much more. It makes it easier to interpret drawings and to calculate parts quantities and costs.

From short-circuit-calculations to legends – all is included. IBS Döbeln delivers far more than 3,700 symbols. The program is easy to operate, open for extensions written by users, and comes with interfaces to other technical software solutions like lightning calculators and excel. The engineer is free to concentrate on the technical design process while the computer takes over the routine work.

Each software license is protected by a USB dongle. Single licenses are protected locally. Network licenses can be used perfectly with a myUTN-80 Dongleserver. So network licenses are available not only within an office but worldwide via the Internet with very little extra configuration effort.

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