INOSIM Software GmbH and INOSIM Consulting GmbH are German companies developing and distributing simulation software and consulting services for process industries. Global players like Bayer, Siemens, BASF, Evonik, and many more rely on INOSIM products. The company is also taking part in prominent research projects.

INOSIM´s core product is INOSIM Expert Edition, a high performance simulation tool for continuous or discontinuous production, no matter if batch or packaged-goods oriented.

In Germany, INOSIM’s outstanding reputation is the result of not only the enterprise’s technological excellence, but also its dedication to matters of environmental protection. Consequently, the chemical, bio, and food industries constitute the main target group, where simulation software is a must for production planning processes.

The SEH dongleserver supports the following INOSIM software solutions: INOSIM Expert Edition, INOSIM Plant Edition, and  INOSIM Process Edition. Thus, INOSIM is able to provide a comfortable and safe solution to all its customers who wish to apply their licenses via USB Device Server.


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