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Simba Computer Systeme GmbH with its headquarters in southern Germany and a subsidiary in Hamburg is the manufacturer of the financial software called Simba Software. The medium-sized company has successfully been in the software business for more than twenty years. Since its very start, Simba has been committed to quality and customer service. With Simba Software the company targets accounting firms, corporations, churches, and religious/social organizations.

The extremely powerful database of InterSystems called Caché forms the basis and supports the speed and power of Simba Software.
 The software is based on individual modules that can be customized and licensed separately or as a complete solution. The complete solution includes the areas of accounting, financial statements, tax, organization with office administration, planning and controlling as well as wage and salary.

The company’s goal is to simplify the work of users of financial software. The modular software architecture of Simba Software not only allows individual adjustments to respective needs, but also turns the software into a profitable solution for both small businesses and large firms. With more than 5,000 installations and a steadily growing amount of new customers, the company is sustainably developing.

The majority of Simba’s shareholders are accountants, who use Simba Software in their own offices. In this way, Simba ensures practical orientation, ease of use and optimized processes, according to its principle of "Simba Software – simple, fast, good!".

SEH’s dongle technology allows Simba users to safely and reliably control and administer USB devices with Simba software via network, while the software itself is protected by dongles.

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