Calculate and plan a house in one hour?

Although it sounds unlikely, it is possible! The concept was created in 1983 by a construction company in Bavaria. Through the "simple" idea to plan a single family house within an hour, and to immediately present this to the customer with an exact calculated offer, emerged one of the most consistent and powerful systems in the construction industry.

With the solution Vi2000, the software company Paradies GmbH & Co. is not a generalist for all aspects of construction, but rather a specialist in single and multi-family housing. This means that companies of road and civil engineering will not "find" themselves in Vi2000 nor will companies of industrial or commercial construction. Contractors and companies, however, making money in the area of ​​single-family house building will after learning about the philosophy of Vi2000 agree: "... that's my mindset."

In hundreds of projects for medium-sized companies and dozens of industrial and commercial projects Paradies GmbH & Co has developed an expertise which is probably unique in Europe. This is exactly what they promise their customers. Learn more at !

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