Overcoming common IT infrastructure challenges

Educators can support new learning models by adopting network and infrastructure management solutions that leverage APIs and other technologies to support distance learning

Whilst technology continues to create new learning and teaching opportunities for teachers and students alike, the rapid rate at which it advances means it’s becoming increasingly difficult for educational institutions to keep up to date. With this in mind, educators must ensure that they have the solutions available to overcome common IT infrastructure challenges quickly and efficiently.

Supporting new learning models

Since 2020, education facilities have had to scrabble to find suitable remote learning solutions that enabled students to learn from home and receive as many educational opportunities as they would in a classroom, lecture hall or seminar. These platforms will rely on the educational institution’s network and IT resources, as well as cloud computing tools. Going forward, it’s recommended that educators adopt network and infrastructure management solutions that leverage APIs (Application Programming Interface) and other technologies to support distance learning.

Poor or out of date IT equipment 

With familiar challenges relating to budget constraints, poor quality, faulty or out of date equipment is one of the biggest issues for teachers to overcome when trying to utilise technology in their classrooms. Not only does using outdated equipment come with pain and frustration for students and teachers, but according to Microsoft, 70-80% of the top 10 malware risks could be avoided by using updated technology. Read more.

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