We at SEH appreciate being in close contact with our customers and partners! Here we would like to introduce our management and service staff so you know who we are and whom you may best approach with your request. We look forward to be contacted by you! 

Managing Directors

Marketing, Sales

Joachim Sturmhoefel


E-Mail: j.sturmhoefel(at)seh.de


Christian Sturmhoefel

E-Mail: c.sturmhoefel(at)seh.de

Development, Controlling

Rainer Ellerbrake

E-Mail: r.ellerbrake(at)seh.de

SEH Technology, USA/Canada

Mike Majewski

E-Mail: m.majewski(at)sehtechnology.com

Phone: +1 610-933-2088

SEH Technology, UK/Ireland

Alan Hayward

E-Mail: info(at)seh-technology.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 1273-2346-81

Where to Buy

SEH has a wide network of distributors and re-sellers worldwide. For a complete list of dealers and re-sellers, both European and worldwide, please visit our "where to buy" page. 

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