Collax collaborates with SEH to improve USB connections in cluster environments

Collax, a provider of flexible server solutions is now using the USB Device Server utnserver ProMAX from SEH Computertechnik to improve the connection of USB devices in cluster environments and to alleviate potential challenges. The Collax V-Bien is a complete package when it comes to both virtualization and availability. It also includes the patented Collax Fencing Device.

A common problem with virtual machines is that they can lack direct access to local USB ports when in cluster configurations. USB devices are indispensable in certain use cases and working with SEH Computertechnik has helped Collax to overcome this common VM issue. The utnserver ProMAX allows VMs in the Collax V-Bien environment to use USB devices, wherever they are located in the network.

The USB Device Server from SEH functions as the interface between USB devices and VMs. VMs can use USB devices as if they were directly connected to local USB ports. The advantages for Collax V-Bien have been smooth integration, high availability/resilience, security and optimal use of resources via the central management of USB devices.

Find out more about the collaboration here.

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