Our print server portfolio includes external print servers and printer network interface cards (NIC) for all interface types and networks, ensuring professional connectivity in any environment. They support all sorts of output devices: Inkjet printers, laser printers, label printers, large format printers, plotters, dot matrix printers, barcode printers, multifunction devices, digital copiers, etc.

  • For all common network types: Ethernet/Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Optic, WLAN
  • For common network operating systems
  • Simple, time saving installation & administration
  • Unrivalled protocol support, including IPv6
  • Super security package including encryption, the latest authentication methods, access control and much more
  • The latest ThinPrint Client
  • Free support and updates
  • Up to 5 years warranty

Printer with 2 network interfaces

In some network configurations it may be necessary to operate more than one network interface on a printer. Normally, a network printer has a built-in interface and an additional USB port. This is where the printserver ONE comes into play - simply connect to the USB interface and the 2nd interface is available.

The following application shows printer access from several computers to one printer.

SECURE against attacks from the Internet: Computers in a network that do not have an Internet connection.

NOT SECURE against attacks from the Internet: Computer has access to the Internet via the connected network.

With the printserver ONE it is possible to print securely in both scenarios!


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