At a glance

  • USB hub (4 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports) for industrial environments
  • installation in control cabinets via top-hat rail housing for rails according to DIN EN 60715 (35 mm wide)
  • reliable and highly available: parallel connection to two power supplies possible
  • selectable power supply (12 V to 48 V)
  • robust


  • simple extension of USB ports (e.g. at an industrial PC)
  • space-saving usage of USB devices (e.g. in a control cabinet or server rack)
  • top compatibility with USB devices
  • overvoltage protection (connected USB devices are guarded reliably against too high voltages caused by faulty power supplies and the like)
  • as a standard hub the IH-304 is supported by almost every operating system
  • cost-saving and straightforward multi-usage of USB Deviceserver INU-100 usb ports


The IH-304 is a USB hub specifically designed for industrial environments.

Especially industrial environments need space-saving but also reliable and long-lasting solutions. The robust IH-304 meets these requirements: An existing USB port, e.g. at an industrial PC, can be extended to 4 ports with the IH-304. The USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports not only guarantee the fastest transmission of USB data but also are a future-proof USB standard. In addition, the USB ports can be used for charging USB devices.

The installation on a top-hat rail allows for the neat integration in control cabinets, server racks and so on. As a standard USB hub the IH-304 not only is natively supported by almost every operating system but also is a plug&play device which is set up quickly and without hassle.


For the extension of USB ports in industrial environments, e.g. for

  • automation (connection sensors, gauges, etc.)
  • manufacturing (analyzers, cameras, etc.)
  • process control (connection of peripheral devices, etc.)
  • And many more!

Tech Specifications

  • 4 × USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Port (USB device connection; can be used for charging at 1,5 A per port)
  • selectable power supply (12 V to 48 V)
  • 1 × USB 3.0 Hi-Speed (uplink to host system)
  • native support by almost every operating system
  • failsafe power supply through redundant connectivity


Added Value through Combination

If you connect the IH-304 to a USB port of the INU-100, you cost-effectively expand the number of USB devices which can be connected. The expansion is easy and fast as IH-304 and INU-100 complement each other perfectly!

Order Details

  • M07250 (EU/US)


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