New SEH fiber optic adapters for current and future HP LaserJet printers

The new SEH fiber optic adapters HPFA-226 and HPFA-1226 have been specifically developed to support current and future generations of HP LaserJet printers. Like all SEH adapters for HP printers, these have been developed and optimized in close partnership with HP. This means that HP printing systems can be easily and securely integrated into fiber optic networks.

The proven SEH fiber optic adapters FC126 and FC1126 remain available as they are ideal for older and legacy HP printing systems.

With the SEH fiber optic adapters for printers from HP, the performance of the printing system and the printer environments is maintained. Users and administrators thus maintain a full overview of printers and print jobs. The seamless integration of the SEH adapters into HP printers ensures the end-to-end security of the fiber optic network is maintained.

For more information and a list of compatible printers check out our product page.

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