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After growth, bringing outlier calibration systems into the multinational fold

When a multinational firm grows into new national markets, IT changes follow. A case in point is St. Louis, MO-based Emerson Automation Solutions and its Micro Motion division in Boulder, CO, which specialises in flow automation and measurement. Whether oil, gas, water, beverages, pharmaceuticals or shampoo ingredients, says Jörg Hecke, if it can flow as liquid, Micro Motion’s metres measure and regulate its route through pipes, pumps, and mixing processes.

To ensure high confidence in flow measurement, the accuracy of such metres is obviously of critical importance. That’s why Emerson also runs its own calibration centres, where flow metres are rigorously tested before shipment and periodically thereafter.

Emerson runs approximately 34 such centres of various sizes around the world, according to Micro Motion’s senior calibration engineer. Which brings us to an Emerson facility in Cluj, a city in northwestern Romania. Cluj is among the newest of Emerson’s four largest-scale calibration labs, at least half a football field in size, testing all kinds of flow metres with water from a swimming-pool sized tank.

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